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Wood Design Focus

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About Wood Design Focus

Published for over 20 years, Wood Design Focus is an electronic journal providing technical papers on contemporary topics around engineered wood construction.   Issues focus on a particular aspect of wood engineering and a list of related literature.  It has a loyal readership among architects, educators, researchers, building code officials and manufacturers of engineered wood products.  

Covering Hot Topics

The heart of Wood Design Focus is to address practical issues in the field of wood design that are timely and provide valuable to its readers.  A prime example is the 2016 Spring issue:  “US Research on Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)“.   Cross laminated timber and the larger family of massive timber products have been receiving unprecedented attention from the architecture and engineering communities.  The issue focused on research and development of cross-laminated timber products, including a summary of research on massive timber, CLT perceptions among architects, modeling the properties of yellow-poplar for use in hardwood CLTs, and a method for examining the rolling shear properties of CLTs.  See the Knowledge Base for more info.  

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Past Issues

All past articles from Wood Design Focus are searchable and accessible in the FPS Knowledge Base.   Anyone access them and FPS members can download articles free of charge. 

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Submitting a Manuscript

If you are interested in submitting a paper for publication in Wood Design Focus, please contact and put “Wood Design Focus” in the subject line.  

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