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Forest Products Society


The Forest Products Society presents four awards at the International Convention each year. These awards highlight student and professional innovation, research, and other significant contributions to the forest products industry and recognize exceptional service to the Society.

Forest Products Society 2019 Award Winners

Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award – Richard Vlosky, Ph.D.

The prestigious Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award, named for the first President of the Society, recognizes exceptional service to FPS by an individual member. The 2019 Gottschalk Award winner, Dr. Richard Vlosky, has exhibited consistent commitment in serving the Forest Products Society since becoming a member 27 years ago. He has been involved in a number of strategic leadership roles at the National and Section levels.

Vlosky’s activities have strengthened FPS through the common goal of advancing wood through science, technology and most importantly active communication of wood’s wonderful characteristics. He has proven to be a strong ambassador for forestry products and fostering the goals of FPS and aligning with FPS’s mission.

Vlosky previously served as FPS President in 2016 after being President-Elect (2015) and Vice President (2014).  He is currently the chair of the 2019 International Nominating Committee, chair of the Mid-South Section Communications Committee and a member of the FPS National Communications Team.

In his FPS career, Vlosky has been a member of the International Nominating Committee (2018), member of the Executive Committee (2018), member of the Strategic Planning Committee (2018), Plenary Session Committee Member (2018), and Session Chair, Program Committee Member, and Conference Planning Committee Member for the 72nd Forest Products Society International Convention (2018). In 2016, he was the Awards Chair for the 70th Forest Products Society International Convention and in 2015, he coordinated the Technical Session Program. He also chaired the 2013 67th International Convention Coordinating Committee.

Shortly after the 2012 International Convention in Washington, DC, Vlosky developed and executed an evaluation survey to all FPS members focusing on those that attended as a tool to improve the convention in 2013.

His additional current and past contributions to the Society are:

  • 2011-present: Chair of the Internationalization Task Group in which he took the initiative to bring to the Board for approval to create
  • 1998-present: Membership Chair of Mid-South Section
  • 2009: Member of the National Research Needs Assessment Committee, jointly sponsored by US Forest Service, Forest Products Society and Society of Wood Science & Technology
  • 2008: Member of the International Nominating Committee
  • 2007: Chair of Website Development & Improvement Committee and continues to be a member
  • 2006: Member of the Membership Recruitment/Branding Committee
  • 2005: Member of the Student-Full Member Conversion Committee
  • 2002: At the request of the FPS Board of Directors, Rich coordinated and analyzed a Membership needs assessment survey. He developed the survey, executed it for all FPS members, analyzed the results and disseminated the assessment report to FPS members and the Board
  • 2002: Key member of the International Cooperation Committee
  • 2001-2003: Chair of the Marketing Technical Interest Group and Vice-Chair of this TIG from 1998-2000
  • 1997-1998: Member of the National Membership Committee and Chair of the ad-hoc Electronic Publication Task Group
  • 1995-1998: Co-Chair of the Electronic Information Technology Sub-Committee
  • 1995-present: Reviewer for the Forest Products Journal

Wood Engineering Achievement Award – Taysuya Shibusawa, Ph.D.

The Wood Engineering Achievement Award recognizes accomplishments and innovations in the discipline of wood engineering including structures, structural elements, building codes, consensus standards, design procedures and education. 

The 2019 winner of the Wood Engineering Achievement Award is Dr. Tatsuya Shibusawa. Dr. Shibusawa was hired by the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute in 1994 and his passion to be scientist has been evident throughout the years. Scientific Integrity is essential to promoting science that benefits human and the quality of Dr. Shibusawa’s work is extremely reliable. His work is based on unprecedented collection of data and repeated experiments. He is a walking “research integrity”. Dr. Shibusawa organized BIOCOMP2012 “11th Pacific Rim Bio-Based Composites Symposium” in cooperation with IUFRO. He was a deputy coordinator of IUFRO Division 5.05.00.

Dr. Shibusawa has served as a chief editor of scientific wood engineering journals. He was awarded by the Japan Timber Engineering Society for his contribution to the study of wood engineering and for organizing associated standards.

Dr. Shibusawa has shown such excellent service to Japan’s wood engineering society and FPS stands to benefit from Dr. Shibusawa’s outstanding knowledge and learn from his attitude toward science.



L.J. Markwardt Award

The L.J. Markwardt Award recognizes the author(s) of a Forest Products Journal or Wood and Fiber Science technical paper published during the previous two years that has the most outstanding merit in the field of wood as an engineering material. This award encourages research and promotes knowledge of wood in the engineering field to enhance the efficient utilization of wood. This year, the selection was focused on Applied Engineering.
The 2019 winning paper is: 

“Fire Design of CLT in Europe”

Authors:  Birgit Anna-Lisa Östman, Joachim Schmid, Michael Klippel, Alar Just, Norman Werther, Daniel Brandon

The article was published in the Wood and Fiber Science, Vol. 50, Special edition on CLT, 2018.
The Markwardt Award is jointly presented by FPS and SWST (Society of Wood Science and Technology).


Thanks to the 2019 Markwardt Award judges: 
Mohammad Mohammad, FPInnovations; Thomas Lim, Mississippi State University; Jay Pu, Huber Engineered Woods.

Wood Award

The Wood Award recognizes the most outstanding graduate student research conducted in the field of wood and wood products. Wood Award papers describe original research on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to harvesting and forest operations, product development and manufacture, fundamental properties, end-use applications, and distribution and marketing.  The 2019 winners are: 


First Place:  Ju Dong
Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge

“3D printed conductive polycaprolactone composites integrated with carbonized cellulose nanofibers: toward the applications for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and deformation sensing”

Mr. Ju Dong is a Ph.D candidate at Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge. He received his B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Jiangnan University, China in 2012, and his M.S. in Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University in 2014.

In this paper, Mr. Dong developed a solvent drying approach to acquire dry cellulose nanofiber precursors. For the first time, carbonized solvent dried cellulose nanofibers was produced without loss of fibrous morphology. He also investigated the fundamentals of carbonized cellulose nanofibers, and explored its prospect to serve as a multifunctional filler for thermoplastic polycaprolactone composites. Demonstrated applications included reinforcing PCL composite films for improved tensile performances, combining with carbon black (CB) for producing a highly electrically conductive hybrid, and 3D printing electromagnetic interference shielding device and deformation sensor.

He is currently pursuing his Ph.D degree in Renewable Natural Resources under the guidance of Prof. Qinglin Wu. His research topic is “the use of cellulose nanofibers in polymer matrix composites via 3D printing”. In particular, his research lies in synthesizing functional cellulose nanofibers through polymer grafting or continuous carbonization, and integrating them into thermoplastic composites via 3D printing. Such composites possess enhanced thermal, mechanical, electrical, and dielectric performances, and may find applications for reinforcing, deformation sensing, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.



Second Place: Oluwatosin Oginni, Ph.D.
School of Natural Resources, West Virginia University

“Pyrolysis of dedicated bioenergy crops grown on reclaimed mine land in West Virginia”

Dr. Oluwatosin Oginni recently completed a doctoral degree in Forest Resources Science at the School of Natural Resources, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. During his doctoral program, Oginni was engaged in various research work related to forest products. He had successfully synthesized microporous carbons from Norway Spruce and Pine needle biomass and used them for adsorption applications and for making electrodes for supercapacitors. His dissertation research was focused on characteristics of activated carbons from herbaceous biomass and their use for water treatment. He has also assisted in an undergraduate research focused on “Thermal Treatment of Yellow-Poplar to Improve its Mechanical and Fungal Decay Characteristics” being conducted by two undergraduate students of Wood Science and Technology. Oginni has published two peer-reviewed articles and he is expected to submit three more journal articles by next month. His research has been lauded by peers through a best paper award, American Chemical Society Certificate of Merit, and two presentation awards.

Thanks to the 2019 Wood Award Judges: Jesse Paris, Ph.D. (Willamette Valley Company), Todd Miller, Ph.D. (Hexion), and Dr. Dan Hindman (Virginia Tech).